Code of Ethics

Agrokasa’s Code of Ethics and Conduct describes the commitments we make with those we interact with, acting in accordance with our shared values; seeking to protect and preserve the reputation of our company. This document is a behavioral guide that raises general guidelines on how to carry out our daily activities in accordance with our purpose and our values, respecting not only the established legal requirements, but also the internal policies and norms established in Agrokasa.

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Human Rights Policy

Agrokasa undertakes to support and respect the protection of internationally recognized fundamental human rights, making sure not to be complicit in any form of abuse or violation thereof, among employees, suppliers, contractor, collaborators, partners, competitors and society in general .

Integrated Policy

Agrokasa satisfies the needs of its customers and end consumers. It supplies agricultural products and logistics services that meet their requirements in the different markets of the world, emphasizing the production of safe, legal, authentic and quality food.

Control and Security Policy

Agrokasa is a company dedicated to the cultivation, packaging and export of fresh fruits and vegetables, and is part of the international trade logistics chain.