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Commitment with future generations

Education of children is a fundamental factor to change the context of human development. For this reason, for more than 10 years, Agrokasa, together with the Apoyo Institute, have joined forces to provide tools to students and teachers in Ica through the “Matemáticas y Comunicación para todos” (Mathematics and Communication for all) program.
The new scenario, product of the pandemic, was a great challenge since went from a physical style to a remote one with the challenges and considerations of its own for both teachers and parents as well as students.
Support was provided with access to virtual libraries, forums, pedagogical support, training modules and digital material. As a result, a high percentage of the teachers who participated achieved a satisfactory level during an evaluation and were certified.

Birds in the Ica desert

Birds in the Ica desert


For more than ten years, Agrokasa began the study and surveillance of birds in its operations centers (Barranca and Ica), given its importance as a pest control agent and seed disperser in addition to its beauty, joy and importance for ecosystems.

As a final product of these efforts, the book “Birds of the Ica Desert” was published, a document that brings together this knowledge and the experience of the company in both farms during that time horizon.


Access to the book in this link (spanish)